Spotlight on Support: Annual Sponsorship at Hawaii Children's Theatre

Join the Circle of Impact:

Annual sponsorship is more than a contribution; it's a commitment to building a brighter future through the arts. Join the Circle of Impact and take pride in being a vital partner in our mission to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of artists. Be the community you wished you had growing up!

Showcase Your Brand

Be listed as the presenting sponsor for each show throughout the year. Your name will be prominently displayed, associating your brand with the magic of every performance. This high-visibility acknowledgment ensures that your commitment to the arts is celebrated at every turn.

Community Recognition and Involvement:

Annual Sponsors receive a prominent banner at every show, ensuring your brand is seen by thousands of enthusiastic audience members. Your support is further recognized with full-color back page ads in our event programs, providing a lasting impression on attendees and demonstrating your commitment to fostering the arts.

Event + Programs

Annual Sponsor - $10,000

Broadway Sponsor - $2,500

Theater sponsor - $1,500

Set sponsor - $500

Costume Sponsor - $250

Props Sponsor - $100

Listed on Show Sponsorship page in all Playbills for the year

Name on Website

✓ + Logo

Complimentary tickets to all shows

10 Included for all Shows

8 Included for 1 Show

6 Included for 1 Show

4 Included for 1 Show

4 Included for 1 Show

2 Included for 1 Show

Ad in ALL Programs

Full page ad

Full Page Ad

Full Page Ad

1/2 Page ad

Social Media Mention

Named as Show Sponsor

Banner Displayed at Shows

Listed on all Show Posters

Named in All Email Newsletters

Logo on Website

Booth at Shows

Back Cover Ad in 1-3 Programs

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HCT’s Programs & Impact

Summer Stars:

Fueling Creative Sparks!

Summer Stars, a six-week theater camp for ages 5-15. Your support nurtures young talents, fostering creativity, and building confidence. Associate your brand with the joy of summer theater and the growth of future stars.

2023 IMPACT:

Audience counts: 950

Cast: 63 youth (5-13 years)

Fall Show:

Broadway Magic Unleashed!

Our Broadway-style Fall Show. This production, catering to ages 8-99, promises a captivating experience filled with exceptional talent and the enchantment of live theater. Be synonymous with community excellence and the joy of performance.

2023 IMPACT:

Audience counts: 3,200

Cast: 48 students & adults

After Dark:

Edgy Expression, Bold Impact!

After Dark, a daring Black Box production for ages 15 and above. Support raw, relevant storytelling as students express themselves on a deeper level. Your brand becomes associated with pushing artistic boundaries and addressing contemporary issues, providing a unique platform for impactful self-expression.

2023 IMPACT:

Audience counts: 660

Cast: 18 teens & adults

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes!

Summer Stars

Fall show

Testimonials from the Community

“I've seen my child grow and mature in many ways this summer. Her self-confidence is stronger because of the support from her teachers and peers. She's learned a keen sense of responsibility and awareness not only for herself but the whole group whom she feels deeply connected.”

“This program is like a team sport for my child. She’s gaining the idea that it takes collaboration, communication, and collective/individual responsibility to put on a production.”

“This program just nurtured and encouraged all the best qualities in my daughter.”

“Purely positive growing experience for my child”

“H-U-G-E growth as an individual. Amazing to see the passion and confidence.”

“My daughter has learned many wonderful qualities and skills due to HCT's excellent program! She definitely has learned self-assurance and resiliency, which are major skills that she consistently needs throughout her life.”

“I think that I have gained a lot more confidence while doing HCT”